Tasty Tomato Relish

Recipe submitted by kirst on April 17th, 2012

This delish relish is made every year by my husband and is a winner with our friends.

Prep time:   30 minutes
Cook time:   20 minutes
Servings:   500 ml jar (large)

500g fresh tomatoes
2 medium onions
2 cloves garlic
1 cup Raw Sugar
1/2 cup cider vinegar
2.5 tsp salt
2 tsp curry powder
2 tsp mustard powder
2 tsp cornflour
1-2 Tbsp extra vinegar

Cut a small cross on the top of each tomato, place in large bowl, cover with boiling water, leave for a minute. Drain and rinse with cold water andpeel off skins.
Roughly chop tomatoes; finely chop the onions and garlic.
Place the tomatoes, onions, garlic, sugar, vinegar and salt in a large saucepan and bring to the boil, reduce to a med heat and gently cook for 15-20 mins.
Mix the mustard, curry powder and cornflour with the extra vinegar to a smooth paste, stir into the tomatoes and cook until thickened.
Spoon into warm, sterilised jars and seal. Refrigerate once opened.

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    • Sarah posted on April 12th, 2015
      Overall Rating: 8.0 / 10

      first recipe I tried too, so easy peasy and yummy, use this instead of tomato sauce

    • Shirley posted on February 27th, 2013
      Overall Rating: 8.0 / 10

      This was the first tomato relish that I had made. It was easy to follow and tastes great. Mine was initially a bit too watery so I added a little more corn flour. Also I didn't have dried mustard so I just used colmans ordinary mustard so i am not sure if that affected the thickness. Anyhow it tastes great and my sons love it with Tortilla chips as a dip. O