Make Your Own Pasta

Homemade Fresh Pasta

Recipe submitted by Boris on July 23rd, 2006

There is absolutely no comparing fresh pasta to the dried variety. To make pasta you only need eggs and flour. By making it yourself you can transform a regular Italian dish into gourmet taste sensation.

Prep time:   1 hour

6 medium eggs
3 cups plain flour

1. Mix your eggs in a bowl using a fork and then tip in the flour. Time to get your hands dirty. Mix and squeeze and mix until there is no flour left. If the mix is wet and sticky at the end you will need to slowly add flour until it is no longer sticky. If the mixture is too dry then you will need to add water JUST A FEW DROPS AT A TIME. Water goes a long way! Knead vigorously.

2. Remove from bowl and knead vigorously to ensure that the smooth dough has all the components mixed. Roll it into a ball cover with a damp tea towel and let sit the 1/2 hour.

Now for your pasta machine. If you don't own a pasta machine then I'd recommend checking out ebay or trade-me auctions, you can often find stainless steel machines there for a bargin. Otherwise you will have to just roll it out with rolling pin, trying to keep the pressure as even as possible.

3. Cut off a piece of the dough and roughly flatten it on the table using your hands. Push it through the first setting of your machine. Do this about 4 times until the dough is the same width as the rollers. The ends will be oddly shaped but just ignore that. Do not stack your finished sheets on top of each other...they will stick together. Rather spread them out on a well floured bench. You don't need to make it all the way to the last setting, but remember your pasta will expand with cooking. The second or third to last setting is normally best.

All machines have fettucine or you cut it by hand. If cutting it by hand, then fold the dough sheet upon itself several times to make cutting easier.

Remember lasagne and cannelloni require pre-cooking. Drop into heavily salted water boiling water and cook until al dente. Then throw into cold water to stop the cooking process.

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