Lamb Kebabs

Recipe submitted by Rick on November 19th, 2009

Cook these lamb kebabs on the bbq or grill in your oven. Delicious served with tzatziki.

Prep time:   15 minutes
Cook time:   10 minutes
Servings:   4 people

800g lamb
2 lemons juiced
3 cloves garlic
1 teaspoon oregano chopped
1/2 cup olive oil
salt & pepper

3 capsicum cut into 2cm pieces
2 courgettes sliced into 1cm thick slices

Create marinade by combining the juice of the lemons, olive oil, garlic, oregano and salt/pepper in a bowl.
Cut lamb into 3cm cubes, trimming away some fat. Marinate overnight if possible, but at least 2 hours.
When ready to cook. Using metal kebabs, alternate between capsicum, lamb and courgette.
Grill for approximately 10 minutes turning frequently and basting with marinade.

Serve on rice with tzatziki and a salad.

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