Groovy Fruit Kebabs

Recipe submitted by Wifey on April 25th, 2007

Your kids will love making these! You can cut the fruit if the kids are young then leave them to make up their own skewers. Obviously you can use pretty much whatever fruit is available. Great cooked on the BBQ. Serve with a scope of vanilla ice cream. YUMMY!!

Prep time:   10 minutes
Cook time:   5 minutes
Servings:   4 Kebabs


1/2 a pineapple
1 orange
2 banana
2 kiwifruit

1 teaspoon grated orange skin
1/3 cup orange juice
2 tablespoons honey

1. If you are using wooden skewers then soak them first in water.

2. Combine all marinade ingredients. Heat in sauce pan or microwave quickly to mix.

3. Cut fruit, place in marinade and coat well

4. Thread fruit onto skewer attractively

5. Grill and turn as required

6. Serve with icecream and spoon marinade over.

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    • posted on 1212811936
      Overall Rating: 1.0 / 10

      I tryed this and nobody wanted to eat them