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  • My Top 10 Unforgettable Places to Stay in Queenstown & Wanaka This WinterMy Top 10 Unforgettable Places to Stay in Queenstown & Wanaka This Winter
    Submitted by holidayLOVER on April 23rd, 2010

    It's coming to that time of the year when I organise our family annual ski holiday in New Zealand. We are huge fans of the stunning Queenstown-Wanaka region. If my budget was unlimited where would I stay? My key factors are location (scenic, close to ski fields, shopping etc) and facilities (luxury rooms, restaurant with delicious cuisine, hot tub etc).
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  • Oamaru – One of New Zealand’s Greatest Treasures and Hidden SecretsOamaru – One of New Zealand’s Greatest Treasures and Hidden Secrets
    Submitted by wordofmouth on October 9th, 2010
    If you are not a surfer, sunbather, climber or boatie, Oamaru is possibly the best destinations in New Zealand. Standing on the cobbled corner of Harbour and Tyne Street, I am cast back 130 years in time among a wealth of historic architectural treasures. There is no evidence of anything other than Victorian architecture. I amble down the lane with its old rail line still running down the side, where trains picked up sacks or grain to be loaded on to bowsprits, spars and fully rigged triple-masters on Sumpter wharf in the harbour.
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  • Oamaru – the most wonderfully anachronistic centre in New ZealandOamaru – the most wonderfully anachronistic centre in New Zealand
    Submitted by wordofmouth on October 7th, 2011
    Oamaru is as wonderfully anachronistic as a 21st century tourist attraction as fax machines are to businesses. The sleepy North Otago settlement has possibly one of the best compact collections of Victorian architecture in the world. It’s like going back in time and the town itself is embracing the Victorian heritage theme with both hands.
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  • Otago Rail Trail -A Cycling AdventureOtago Rail Trail -A Cycling Adventure
    Submitted by t-rex on May 29th, 2011
    Once a railway line connecting Clyde to Middlemarch, the Otago Rail Trail is a scenic trail spanning 150km. The railway line was originally constructed over a period of 16 years between 1891 and 1907. The Rail Trail was developed by the Dept of Conservation (DOC) in partnership with the Otago Central Rail Trail Trust and was opened in 2000 as a public reserve – (no entry fee required).
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  • Ponsonby – Caffeinated Cultural CapitalPonsonby – Caffeinated Cultural Capital
    Submitted by Krister on March 27th, 2007
    Soy latte, skinny flat white, double macchiato or just a full FAT white with extra shot to get your day rolling, Ponsonby has more cafes than you can shake a teaspoon at. Just shy of the central city, Ponsonby just happens. A well known funky area packed with cafes, funky boutiques, recording studios, galleries and great restaurants. Ponsonby is where its at …Daaaarling!!
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  • Queenstown is like a Seductive MagnetQueenstown is like a Seductive Magnet
    Submitted by wordofmouth on March 10th, 2012
    It’s like a dream come true. My dawn charter flight makes its final approach into Queenstown Airport which has just been voted among the best approaches in the world. This spectacular New Zealand resort is the adventure capital of the world and I am blown away by the summer scenery. It’s no wonder Queenstown with its magnificent scenery and high octane activities is ranked eighth on Lonely Planet's list of top 10 places in the world to visit this year. Queenstown is no longer just a winter skiing destination. It offers fuel-injected fun all summer long.
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  • Queenstown’s Romantic Adventure BandwagonQueenstown’s Romantic Adventure Bandwagon
    Submitted by wordofmouth on September 22nd, 2010
    I battle desperately not to climb aboard Queenstown’s romantic adventure bandwagon; but I fail miserably. Queenstown is one of the top romantic adventure destinations in the southern hemisphere. The New Zealand resort has just been voted No.1 outdoor and adventure destination in the World by Trip Advisor’s 2010 Travellers’ Choice awards. It also came in 15th in the top 25 destinations in the World. According to Trip Advisor, Queenstown is also the Europeans’ fourth favourite destination in the world.
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  • Rafting in Roto-VegasRafting in Roto-Vegas
    Submitted by Krister on June 25th, 2007
    Rotorua, locally referred to as Roto-vegas, is a geothermic wonderland of tourist features, activities and striking scenery. The drive into Rotorua is filled with New Zealand native greenery and a spectacular lake view as you drop into Rotorua.
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  • Romantic break in snow-capped Hanmer Spring – Just MagicRomantic break in snow-capped Hanmer Spring – Just Magic
    Submitted by wordofmouth on August 31st, 2011
    Shut your eyes. Imagine lazing in a steamy hot tub with someone special. The sun is setting over the picture postcard snow-capped mountains. Not a sound can be heard but the occasional bellbird call. This is 7 St James Avenue, Hanmer Springs: one of the best short holiday bases in New Zealand. In between 2011 Rugby World Cup games – this is the spot to head to recharge the batteries.
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  • School Holiday Ideas for Your KidsSchool Holiday Ideas for Your Kids
    Submitted by holidayLOVER on December 4th, 2009

    Keeping the kids happy this school holidays is easy if you plan ahead. All parents can relate to the all too familiar "I'm bored" comment. Bored children are unhappy children, and unhappy kids can make the entire household miserable.
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