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  • 10 Amazing Kids Websites for Summer 201110 Amazing Kids Websites for Summer 2011
    Submitted by holidayLOVER on October 27th, 2011

    Here is another handy list of some AMAZING websites designed for children. Great websites to keep your little ones amused on those rainy days. There's plenty of games, colouring pages, word finds etc. I've put in a few rugby sites in to the list this time, as now that the mighty All Blacks have won the Rugby World Cup 2011 there's even more kids who are rugby-mad. Below is a diverse array sites, so there should be at least a few to appeal to each child...they can be a fussy bunch!
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  • 10 Best Websites for Kids This Summer10 Best Websites for Kids This Summer
    Submitted by holidayLOVER on November 21st, 2010

    Lots of fun websites are listed below for your kids this summer. There are some of the best educational websites and plenty of entertaining colouring pages and online games. Enjoy!
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  • Bird Watching in New ZealandBird Watching in New Zealand
    Submitted by holidayLOVER on July 18th, 2008

    New Zealand was a land of birds before humans arrived on our shores between 800 and 1200 AD. The only mammals found in New Zealand prior to the arrival of Maori were two species of native bats and those that could swim here, for example seals and sea lions. Due to the lack of predators and the relative isolation of the birds in New Zealand, many endemic birds are quite unique.
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  • Kirsty Nixon Art Exhibition October 8 to 27 in DevonportKirsty Nixon Art Exhibition October 8 to 27 in Devonport
    Submitted by wordofmouth on September 21st, 2011
    Kirsty Nixon, one of New Zealand’s foremost artists portraying iconic Kiwi beach and coastal scenes, is staging her biggest solo exhibition in Devonport during the final weeks of the Rugby World Cup tournament. Nixon will offer 15 of her best Kiwi beach and coastal paintings at Devonport’s Art by the Sea Gallery from October 8 to 27.
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  • Leading NZ petite lodge named among the top 10 in the world – Trip AdvisorLeading NZ petite lodge named among the top 10 in the world – Trip Advisor
    Submitted by wordofmouth on June 22nd, 2011
    At last New Zealand tourism has got some great news. Maison de la Mer, a petite lodge, just an hour from quake-hit Christchurch, has been named among the top 10 Bed and Breakfast Inns (B&Bs) in the world, according to Trip Advisor. New Zealand and Christchurch tourism have been savaged by a series of earthquakes since September 4 but the accolades just announced by Trip Advisor for Akaroa are a huge boost to the battered region.
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  • School Holiday Ideas for Your KidsSchool Holiday Ideas for Your Kids
    Submitted by holidayLOVER on December 4th, 2009

    Keeping the kids happy this school holidays is easy if you plan ahead. All parents can relate to the all too familiar "I'm bored" comment. Bored children are unhappy children, and unhappy kids can make the entire household miserable.
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  • Simple Steps to Improve Your Backpacker / Hostel BusinessSimple Steps to Improve Your Backpacker / Hostel Business
    Submitted by holidayLOVER on September 19th, 2008

    Running a successful backpacker hostel is a fun and rewarding business. People attracted to running their own hostel normally are outgoing, social people with large personalities and smiles. Some people set up a hostel after being backpackers themselves. So what makes some hostels more financially successful than others? The key is to attract as many guests as possible and get guests to stay at your accommodation longer.
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  • The Rotorua Golf ClubThe Rotorua Golf Club
    Submitted by rotoruagolfclub on August 1st, 2012
    Golf in New Zealand dates back to 1871. It was first recorded having being played in Rotorua in 1902. Golf was played at various venues in and around the Rotorua area on a casual basis until 1906 when the Rotorua Golf Club was formed. Having moved around different locations during the early years the Rotorua Golf Club arrived at Arikikapakapa reserve in 1912 and has been situated there since.
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  • Unique NZ Food Experience - the main actorUnique NZ Food Experience - the main actor
    Submitted by hartmindfood on May 5th, 2011
    Ask most New Zealanders to describe New Zealand cuisine and we struggle for an answer or that we don’t have one - that New Zealand is too young, too multi-cultural, or too British ... Yet when asked to describe a New Zealand food experience we easily share common stories that all celebrate our own history and fabric of life. The tastes and smells directly linking us to memories that connect with our own land and culture. For me, this is the basis of Gastro-tourism – making a direct link - a cultural shortcut - to the land through its food.
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  • Waiuku Christmas Display 2012Waiuku Christmas Display 2012
    Submitted by WaiukuChristmasDisplay on October 30th, 2012
    Waiuku will be one of the most exciting places to visit leading up to the Christmas season. Catch the Glenbrook Vintage Train to ‘Santa’s Wonderland’. The train will arrive into Waiuku the 2nd, 9th, 16th (Santa’s Train) and 23rd of December.
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