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Te Waikoropupu Springs

Photo submitted by: holidayLOVER on January 22nd, 2008

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If you are in Golden Bay then a visit to Waikoropupu Springs is a must. The spring discharges an average 14m3 (14,000 litres) of water a second - that's about 40 bathtubs full! Although easily the largest freshwater springs in Australasia, there are some 60 larger springs in other parts of the world. Waikoropupu Springs are however the clearest freshwater springs - the only place where there is known to be water of greater clarity is under the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica! "Te Waikoropupu Springs are a taonga (treasure) and waahi tapu (a sacred place) for Māori, both locally and nationally. The legends of Te Waikoropupu are told in the stories of Huriawa, its taniwha (guardian spirit). In Māori tradition the Springs are wairou, the purest form of water which is the wairua (spiritual) and the physical source of life. The Springs provide water for healing, and in the past were a place of ceremonial blessings at times of birth and death and the leaving and returning of travellers."

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