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Kahurangi National Park

Photo submitted by: Charlie on March 21st, 2008

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This photo was taken looking out east from the Mt Arthur Walk in the Kahurangi National Park. Today over half of New Zealand's 2400-odd native plant species are present in the park, including a staggering 80% of all alpine species. But the character of the forest has been changed by the species introduced by humans. They eat the seeds, seedlings, and trees or prey upon the native forest animals, rendering some extinct so they can no longer perform their role in maintaining the forest. The forest today, almost void of birds and seedlings of many trees, still looks "natural" but it has lost it's ability to reproduce itself exactly. The mix of species in the forest has changed and the forest that stands here in 100 years is likely to be very different to that which grew here when the glaciers retreated.

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