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Haast Valley

Photo submitted by: Charlie on January 16th, 2008

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The peak that you can see covered with cloud is Mt Campbell (5941'), and next to it on the right is Lopside Knob. Mt Diomede (6171') is cut off on the right side of this photo. Here the main reach of the Haast valley was excavated by a large trunk glacier extending to the coast and possibly further as a floating ice tongue many miles out to sea. Since the ice disappeared the valley floor, probably well below sea level, has been filled with material brought down by the Haast River. When in flood the river runs from bank to bank, up to half a mile wide. The type of rock in the bluff is gneiss or, where finer grained, schist; it contains sparkling crystals of black mica, white crystals of feldspar and less commonly grey crystals and grains of quartz.

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