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  • Simple Steps to Improve Your Backpacker / Hostel Business
    Submitted by holidayLOVER on 1221798195
    1Running a successful backpacker hostel is a fun and rewarding business. People attracted to running their own hostel normally are outgoing, social people with large personalities and smiles. Some people set up a hostel after being backpackers themselves. So what makes some hostels more financially successful than others? The key is to attract as many guests as possible and get guests to stay at your accommodation longer.
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  • Ski and Snowboard in New Zealand
    Submitted by holidayLOVER on 1178398242
    1New Zealand is a southern winter paradise for ski and snowboard lovers. From the North Island resorts of Whakapapa and Turoa on the slopes of Mt Ruapehu, to Cardrona and Coronet Peak near Queenstown, NZ is home to numerous ski fields on both of the main islands that form Aotearoa.
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  • Slowing down in snow-less Queenstown
    Submitted by wordofmouth on 1308717702
    0This has been the most unusual winter for Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world. We’re past the shortest day of the year and still no snow for skiing on Coronet Peak, Cardrona or the Remarkables. Queenstown was ranked among the top 25 destinations in the world on Trip Advisor, with skiing clearly being a big part of the attraction. But as a non-skier, it didn’t worry me a jot spending a few days relaxing in a Queenstown without snow! The bustling alpine resort was last year named No. 1 Outdoor and Adventure Destination in the World by Trip Advisor.
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  • South Island Self Drive Touring in Summer
    Submitted by holidayLOVER on 1219029125
    1I am a "Mainlander" (that's a person who lives in the South Island) and have driven and holidayed extensively all around the South Island over the years. I have put this article together as a guide for people who want to do a self drive tour of the South Island.
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  • Stewart Island
    Submitted by chasann on 1196373674
    0After years of wanting to go to Stewart Island, I finally made it and wasn't disappointed. Sure, it is like stepping back in time but that ain't such a bad thing is it?
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  • Surfing New Zealand
    Submitted by WOWSURF on 1325471451
    0There is something about the sport of Surfing that is unlike any other pursuit in the world. It combines one of the most beautiful & unpredictable elements we know - the ocean, with simple human strength of body and mind. As world populations expand and the popular sport of surfing builds, New Zealand is becoming one of the best places on earth to learn to surf. Why? Because we have such a variety of surf breaks to choose from, there are well over 470 and a relatively small population of people, which means that there is more space and therefore a friendlier vibe for our beginners to build their skills.
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  • Tekapo
    Submitted by Krister on 1170965103
    0Almost smack bang in the middle of the South Island you will find Lake Tekapo. A very small town laying along side of the stunning Lake Tekapo. The water is the most amazing turquoise blue giving the scenic shots of the Mackenzie Country a vibrant and almost electric look. This is apparently caused by the source of the lake being glacial and as such has a large mineral content, this not very scientific definition somehow makes the water an unreal blue colour.
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  • The Beautiful Village Of Geraldine
    Submitted by Dave on 1247059831
    0Geraldine Village, rated as "New Zealand's most beautiful town" and it's not hard to see why! We found this sub-alpine village has more than meets the eye. Highly recommended on our must see list when you visit or stay is the new 1066 Medieval Puzzle World, the Giant Jersey and Allison Art all found on Wilson Street. Kiwi Country complex and the "Four peaks plaza", which includes a boutique cheese factory, an Alpaca shop, Barker’s tasty conserves, sauces & beverages for which the village is well known, and of course the famous Berry Barn Bakery.
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  • The Nelson Saturday Market
    Submitted by holidayLOVER on 1245892604
    1The fantastic artistic nature of the Nelson/Tasman region is truly reflected in the Nelson Market held every Saturday in the Montgomery Square right in the heart of Nelson. Visitors and locals alike flock to this market each weekend and it is arguably the most supreme market in New Zealand with over a hundred stalls offering up the best the region has to offer.
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  • The Rotorua Golf Club
    Submitted by rotoruagolfclub on 1343782621
    0Golf in New Zealand dates back to 1871. It was first recorded having being played in Rotorua in 1902. Golf was played at various venues in and around the Rotorua area on a casual basis until 1906 when the Rotorua Golf Club was formed. Having moved around different locations during the early years the Rotorua Golf Club arrived at Arikikapakapa reserve in 1912 and has been situated there since.
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