Lolly Pyramid

Recipe submitted by Wifey on July 14th, 2008

This is an adaption of the classic New Zealand lolly cake, designed to make a fun presentation for kids parties (or parties for the kids at heart). The ingredients for this recipe aren't apparently easily found outside of New Zealand, namely the malt biscuits and the fruit puffs but I have done a little research on the internet and put my some notes about substitute ingredients below.

Prep time:   10 minutes
Cook time:   1 minutes
Servings:   30+ balls

1 packet of malt biscuits (250g)
1/2 tin condensed milk
100g butter
1 packet (approximately 180g) fruit puffs or eskimos (the lolly not the people)
shredded coconut to roll in

1. Place biscuits in thick plastic bag and smash up biscuits into crumbs. I wouldn't recommend using the blender, as you will end up with biscuit dust rather than crumbs.

2. Roughly chop up fruit puffs into 1cm or smaller pieces

3. Melt butter in microwave or pot, then add the condensed milk and stir until combined. Add in the biscuit crumbs and fruit puff pieces and mix well.

4. Cut the mixture into 3 even pieces, then shape 10 balls using your hands from each piece (mine were about 3cm). Roll each ball in the coconut and place balls in the fridge for 40 minutes to firm up (or until you are ready to serve up your lolly pyramid).

5. On your presentation plate make a pyramid. 4x4 square on the bottom, then 3x3, then 2x2 and finally 1 on top. The kids are going to absolutely love it.

In New Zealand Fruit Puffs have mysteriously disappeared off supermarket shelves, however I have read that Bin Inn stocks them. I used Eskimos and the result was perfect.

In the UK try Fruit Foams from Sainsbury's in the Basics range or Asda Foamy Fruits. Replace malt biscuits with Rich Tea Biscuits (Asda super budget brand).

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    • posted on 1253695103
      Overall Rating: 8.0 / 10

      Nice idea. I used this as a farewell cake when I finished working at a childhood centre. The kids absolutely loved it. I put the individual pieces of lolly cake into tiny cupcake holders. I bought a large 250gm packet of fruit puffs (brand name ? Awesome Value) from the local New World supermarket.