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What's Gastro-tourism about?

Article submitted by hartmindfood
June 29th, 2010

Gastro-tourism is a word that many of us hear nowadays, but not too many are aware of what it is. I offer a great definition, written by Prof. Barbara Santich of Uni.Adelaide, - that makes a lot of sense to me- as someone studying gastro-tourism in New Zealand, and I hope to you as well.

"Gastronomy extends beyond what we eat and drink - the actual products - to include how we eat, where and when we eat, and most importantly why we eat the foods - in the way we do... Gastro-tourism is a means by which visitors can begin to learn about and appreciate a different culture. Food tourism suggests a focus on cuisine and restaurants ..emphasis on the products - gastro-tourism takes advantage of the wider scope of the term gastronomy, and therefore has the potential to capture a wider range of tourism activities as well as better describe the kinds of experience that travellers motivated by an interest in food and drink, eating and drinking, actually seek".

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  • posted on 1375681173
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    Very nice & perfect. Can any one tell me the diff between Food Tourism & Gastro Tourism? If there is no diff in both then why Gastro Tourism word used? any reason?

  • posted on 1303696242
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    Hi, this is great, though if I may I would like to change the term from gastro to culinary. Gastro tends to have a high end feel about it, where as true culinary tourism is about all aspects of a cultures cuisine-incuslive of culinary schools, farmers markets etc. I would suggest hitting up [the International Culinary Tourism Association] as they have been in this tourism niche for nearly 10yrs now and I would think if you followed the origin of the explanation of Gastro tourism you may find it originated there. Living in NZ myself [BOP] I am more than aware of how wonderful our cuisine can be. The only thing missing here is the united front from the tourism industry-recent reductions in funding also has not helped. Oh not sure where how u r studying gastro tourism, but also check out the Certified Culinary Tourism Professional [CCTP] also at

  • posted on 1296967678 1
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    The Hokitika Wild Foods Festival is on 12th March 2011! The 2011 theme is 'WHERE THE WILD FOODS ARE' and we are looking forward to seeing how the festival goers are going to dress up for this one!

  • posted on 1277850776 0
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    One of New Zealand’s most popular food festivals, Wellington on a Plate, is back for a second course with mouth-watering culinary offerings to please every palate. Wellington on a Plate 14 - 29 August, 2010

  • posted on 1277848630 1
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    Interesting, I never knew you could study gastro-tourism, but it makes sense as it is an important part of the tourism market. When I think of my holidays overseas, particularly to Thailand, I think of the delicious food. Within New Zealand it's clear that gastro-tourism generates huge revenue, just think of the Wild Food Festival in Hokitika, the Bluff Oyster Feastival in Bluff, the Mussel Festival in Havelock, Seafest in Kaikoura and the numerous Food & Wine festivals through out the country.