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  • Lake RotoitiLake Rotoiti
    The northern end of Lake Rotoiti. A popular spot for picnics, tramping the numerous walk around the lake in Nelson Lakes National Park, swimming, wate...
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  • Lake Rotoiti 2Lake Rotoiti 2
    Lake Rotoiti is a substantial mountain lake within the borders of the Nelson Lakes National Park. In this shot I was trying to capture just how crysta...
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  • Collingwood BeachCollingwood Beach
    Low tide at Collingwood Beach reveals tree stump used to attach buoys.
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  • Collingwood OystercatchersCollingwood Oystercatchers
    South Island pied oystercatchers breed only in the South Island, but disperse in winter to coastal areas throughout New Zealand. One of the largest wi...
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