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  • Snapper FishingSnapper Fishing
    The snapper I caught fishing in the Bay of Islands. This photo was taken just before it was filleted and cooked up for lunch...YUM!
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  • Underwater with the Dusky DolphinsUnderwater with the Dusky Dolphins
    This photo of the Dusky Dolphin was taken underwater while on a swim with the dolphins trip run by Dolphin Encounter, Kaikoura.
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  • Swimming with DolphinsSwimming with Dolphins
    A dusky dolphin swims by just inches below me. This photo was taken on a recent trip out swimming with the dolphins. I'd highly recommend doing a swim...
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  • Surrounded by Dusky DolphinsSurrounded by Dusky Dolphins
    Dolphins to the left of me, dolphins to the right...check out my other photos of swimming with the dolphins.
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  • Kepler KeaKepler Kea
    This photo of a kea was taken while walking the Kepler Track in Fiordland. You can see the beautiful shades of the feathers, from green through to tea...
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  • Kea EatingKea Eating
    Kea eating a bit of my apple on the Kepler Track, Fiordland. The Kea (Nestor notabilis) is one of seven parrot species endemic to New Zealand.
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  • Looking Down on KeaLooking Down on Kea
    Kea are amazing birds. They are legendary for their intelligence and curiosity, both vital to their survival in a harsh mountain environment. Studies ...
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  • Naughty KeaNaughty Kea
    The Kea are attracted by the prospect of food scraps from human habitation. Their curiosity leads them to peck and carry away unguarded items of cloth...
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  • The Kea AppearsThe Kea Appears
    Look at this cheeky guy checking us out! This photo was taken on the Kepler Track, Fiordland, New Zealand.
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  • Side View of KeaSide View of Kea
    Now uncommon, the Kea was once killed for bounty as it preyed on livestock, especially sheep, only receiving full protection in 1986. Together with lo...
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