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  • Gowan RiverGowan River
    The very start of the Gowan River, flowing out of Lake Rotoroa.
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  • Pelorus RiverPelorus River
    This photo is taken from the Pelorus River bridge, about a 45 minute drive from Nelson.
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  • Gannet ColonyGannet Colony
    This is a gannet colony in Pelorus Sound. The photo was taken about an hour before sunset and the light looks really moody. These birds are just stunn...
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  • Dolphin1Dolphin1
    Managed to capture a few shots of the dolphins while in the Pelorus Sound, Marlborough. Not sure if this and the other photos are of Common Dolphins ...
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  • Dolphin2Dolphin2
    Mother and infant dolphin swim side by side along side our boat. This baby dolphin was probably one of the cutest things I have ever seen.
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  • Dolphin3Dolphin3
    This is the second shot of the mother and baby dolphin. The mother is closest to the camera, completely underwater and the baby's fin is just disappea...
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  • Queenstown MonetQueenstown Monet
    Does this landscape photo remind you of a Monet painting?...The photo was taken in Queenstown Garden in summer.
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  • Picnic Bench HokitikaPicnic Bench Hokitika
    A perfect summers day in Hokitika.
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  • Haast ValleyHaast Valley
    The peak that you can see covered with cloud is Mt Campbell (5941'), and next to it on the right is Lopside Knob. Mt Diomede (6171') is cut off on the...
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  • William Gilbert Rees StatueWilliam Gilbert Rees Statue
    1827-1898 Founder of Queenstown, who with his wife Frances settled near this point in 1861 and built the first buildings by the lake. When gold was d...
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