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  • Chocolate Chip Biscuits
    This is THE BEST recipe for biscuits! Easy and delicious. Sure to be a favourite.
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  • Savoury Scones
    Savoury scones are great served straight out of the oven with some butter. Also great served as a side with soup.
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  • Scones
    These sweet scones are delicious and easy to make. Serve with lightly whipped cream and jam. Devonshire tea is the perfect way to relax and enjoy an a...
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  • Cheese Scones
    Cheese scones are quick and easy to make. You probably already have the ingredients too!
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  • Chocolate Cake
    Looking for a straight forward, basic chocolate cake recipe? ...well this is it! This recipe is easy to follow and comes out perfect every time. The c...
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  • Hot Cross Buns
    Making these hot cross buns will make your house smell really delicious. These light buns are easy to make and the recipe yields a lot (16 buns). Thi...
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  • Bran & Sultana Muffins
    These bran and sultana muffins are great straight from the oven with a little butter or they can make an excellent addition to the lunch boxes. The br...
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  • Gingerbread Men
    This recipe makes great crunchy gingerbread men. You could also use this recipe to make gingerbread hearts for Valentine's Day, gingerbread four leaf ...
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  • Christmas Cookies
    This is a great plain vanilla cookie recipe that I have been using for years. Not everyone likes gingerbread cookies and this recipe is super easy, cr...
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  • Cheese Muffins
    Cheese muffins are quick and easy to make. I use this basic recipe a lot. You could add some precooked vegetables or fresh herbs, such as parsley or c...
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