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The Station Gallery, Museum & Gift Shop

Photo submitted by: ttp on May 22nd, 2012

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The Ohakune Station Gallery, Museum and Gift Shop is a not to-be-missed attraction for all railway and wildlife enthusiasts. Located in heritage preserved railway buildings, the gallery and museum is the latest attraction to grace the historic Ohakune Junction. Visitors have a unique opportunity to take a trip down memory lane and enjoy train memorabilia from days gone by.The wildlife gallery offers a feast of stunning photography for all wildlife lovers. Operated by celebrated Wildlife photographer Tracey Thornton, the gallery features images of wildlife from around the world. The Gift Shop offers local Arts and Crafts, Souvenirs, and Nature & Wildlife fine Art Prints Accommodation. Two bunk rooms available. Hapuawhenua has 4 bunks and Taonui has 2 bunks. booking essential. We are located at 62 Thames Street, Ohakune. North Island. New Zealand. (East of Ohakune Railway Station).

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